Pictures from our Abruzzo Tours
     By courtesy of our travelers, following you can read just a few of the many thank-you notes they sent after tours with us, since we started in the year 2000. To all of of our friends, our warm thoughts always go, and... can't wait to meet you again!

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     "After much wavering I decided to go on the Abruzzo World Club tour for two weeks this summer. I feel so lucky that I did. My intent was to walk in the footsteps and pathways of my grandparents. I wanted to see the land that they talked about and I wanted to see for myself what they dearly missed. How could anyplace be that wonderful? Well, it is just that wonderful. I have been to Italy and Europe many times, but this two week immersion in the Abruzzo region, it's culture, history and beautiful mountainous landscape exceeded all of my expectations. Abruzzo took my breath away.
     We touched many villages and towns in the Pescara, Chieti, L"Aquila, Teramo provinces of Abruzzo. Everyplace we visited we were made to feel special and so very welcome by guides and dignitaries alike. We had great experiences in museums, churches, castles and clouds. Yes,.... clouds...... as sometimes we went to the very top of a mountain to get to a medieval walled town. We had lectures and were given information on each and every place we visited. Every detail was meticulously taken care of. We had wonderful lunches in quaint places. We had the great hotel Duca degli Abruzzi to come home to with exceptional regional dinners, most evenings, in it's rooftop (just like a movie set) restaurant.
Strolling and shopping at Castelli     This tour with it's well thought out plunge into our Abruzzo was put together by members of the Abruzzo World Club. I am very sure that we met every member including the newest baby. Everybody pitched in. Even good friends, who came to entertain us with music. The warmth, caring and sincere friendship of this family saw to our comfort and well-being every inch of the way.
     Genealogy was part of the intent of many tour members and they were helped to find the villages of relatives with the help of the Badias. Subsequently many family names were put into place. There were also many face to face reunions. This part of the trip was a big success. I can't say enough about this tour. I would do it again in a minute. In fact, if they are still going....... next Christmas.............. I may give myself another gift".

August 2000
Rosemary Allen

     "If you are looking for an opportunity to experience the cultural heritage of Abruzzi, you definitely want to travel with the Abruzzo World Club! Their attention to detail is exceptional. They have many outstanding services in the areas of genealogy, interpretive services as well as spectacular tours. As a recent tourist, I can definitely say that I really enjoyed the opportunity of touring the region of Abruzzi. I had many wonderful experiences from meeting my relatives for the first time, visiting the homes of my grandparents as well as being in awe of the breathtaking scenery. I know that if you take a tour with the Abruzzo World Club you will have a great experience because the tour directors are very knowledgeable, kind and they are willing to be of service to you. Touring the region of Abruzzi is one that has a rich culture, excellent food and warm people who will touch your heart forever."

August 2000
New Jersey, U.S.A.

     "For anyone hesitating to sign up for the Abruzzo World Club tours, I can only say you are passing up an opportunity of a lifetime. We also waited until almost the last minute to sign up for the tour that took place on July 25 thru August 8. Thank goodness we took the plunge. We were accompanied by my 86-year old mother and my 77-year old aunt who can't stop praising the trip.
     The Abruzzo World Club members were excellent tour guides and hosts. Every phase of the trip was well planned and executed. No detail was left to chance.      The hotel Duca degli Abruzzi in L'Aquila was excellent and the meals were well prepared and served by a marvelous wait staff. What was especially nice about this arrangement was we returned to the same hotel each evening. There was no need to pack and move on to a new hotel every day or so like so many tours require you to do. We took over 300 pictures and used 4 film cassettes.
     Most importantly, the Abruzzo World Club team successfully reunited my husband with family members he did not know he had in Castel Frentano. On one of our free days, one of the interpreters accompanied us to Castel Frentano and helped us communicate with the various aunts, cousins and uncle. Our only regret was that we did not have more time to spend with the family but we plan to change that as soon as we can save up again for a return trip.
     I can't stress too strongly what a marvelous experience you will have if you sign up for one of these tours."

August 2000
Alice Tenaglia

     "Dear friends: I cannot tell you how much Jennifer, Aurora and I enjoyed the Tour. It was great. It was marvelous. May thanks to you for the caring and fine hospitality. All of you went out of your way to make it the finest vacation I have had in a long while. I would heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to see and learn about Abruzzo."

August 2000
New Jersey, U.S.A.