Pictures from our Abruzzo Tours
     By courtesy of our travelers, following you can read just a few of the many thank-you notes they sent after tours with us, since we started in the year 2000. To all of of our friends, our warm thoughts always go, and... can't wait to meet you again!

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     I want to thank you for all of the work done in researching my family history, translating my uncle's story of his memories of Pescara, and escorting us on our trip. Meeting my relatives, and having them take us to the neighborhood where my ancestors lived and worked was all I could have hoped for, and something I will always treasure. The hotel accommodations were excellent as well, and our view of the Adriatic was spectacular.
     The side trip we made to Atri was also most enjoyable. I'll never forget the store merchant pouring me a bottle of his own freshly made olive oil, straight out of the urn behind the counter. Finally, what can I say about the meals! Our lunch in Pescara was magnificent, and the lunch the following day at the Agriturismo in Silvi was unlike any we had ever experienced. Someday, we hope to return for your Food and Wine Tour, to experience more of the same.
     Thanks again, for a wonderful time. All of our expectations were well met.

November 2005
Vince Backstrom
Palos Park, IL - USA

     Our July 2005 day trip from Rome to Lanciano with Heart of Italy Tours was perfect. They tailored the trip exactly to our requests. It was wonderful for my husband not to have to drive in a unfamiliar territory and enjoy the magnificant mountain views on the way. They provided door to door service at a reasonable price.
     The team arranged a special guide in Lanciano for us familiar with the Eucharistic Miracle and the beautiful town. He arranged a special lunch for us to sample the local cuisine. He even stopped at the beach on the way back so my 17 and 20 uear old could enjoy the sun. I highly recommend Heart of Italy Tours for tours, especially of the Abruzzo region.

August 2005
Marguerite Bergmann
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin - USA

    Dear friends at Abruzzo Tours,

     Once again you have done an outstanding job. It was so nice to have the birthday cake on a day when bakeries are closed. Meghan enjoyed the little party. It was so nice of Alice to be our escort to Pescara and shopping. Meghan had a chance to be with young people and get the feel of what life in Abruzzo is really like. And the genealogy is always a extra.
     It was so nice to meet the people in Collarmele who knew my sister in laws family and see the old homes. I believe you once gave us memories we can not find anywhere else.
     My sincerest wishes to your family. I wish you the best for your future and will wait so that I may show you around this honeymoon city, Niagara Falls.

July 2005
Marcia Buzzelli
Lewiston, NY - USA

    Dear Abruzzo Tours,

     I have been back home now for a couple of days and have been reflecting on my visit to Abruzzo.
It was a truly wonderful experience, more than I could ever have expected.
The scenic beauty of the entire region was my first surprise. The spectacle of bridged gorges, tunnels and surrounding mountains held me in wonder as the bus took me from Rome to L'Aquila. I marveled at the engineering effort that was required as much as the snow capped peaks that came into view.
Richard in Salle with his relatives     Then, L'Aquila, what a wonderful place to stay. The city has maintained its historical past while taking on its role as a modern administrative, industrial and educational center. The city's tie to medieval times and past generations is unmistakably honored and preserved. But, its openness to the youth, styles and culture of today is also clear. And, I couldn't have found a better hotel than the San Michele. It was spotlessly clean and comfortable, and the service and breakfasts were excellent.
      Then came the reason for my trip to Italy, you picked me up at the hotel early on Saturday morning and we were off to visit my father's hometown of Salle in southern Pescara Province. Due in large measure to your advance arrangements, that day was a complete success. My family was prepared and expecting us, and we had a warm and for me very emotional first meeting. I was able to achieve a lifelong dream of walking in my father's boyhood footsteps and seeing the beautiful countryside and ancient village that he knew as a boy. I was also able with your translation assistance to converse comfortably and effectively with my cousins and other close relatives. And, on top of it all, we had a delicious traditional mountain Abruzzo meal in a fabulous restaurant.
      It was truly an experience of a lifetime for me.
The gift that you provide to persons such as myself, allowing us to fulfill the need to honor our parents and grandparents with visits such as mine, is a wonderful thing. I think you understand how much it means to us. I hope so. In my case, at least, no one could have been a better companion and friend on that day than you were.
Thank you so very much.
With sincere appreciation and friendship,

June 2005
Richard Dario, U.S.A.
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     Dear friends,

     Again, I want to thank you for the exceptional tour you gave my son and me of the Abruzzo region. The day was perfect. You made the trip to the region effortless on our part. Being driven through the mountains was fabulous. I really appreciate all the genealogical research you did for us. You were so well prepared from the pre-trip research you did on our family through the research we did in Popoli. I really appreciate all the extra effort you did to obtain further research and mail the results to us at our hotel. Also the visit with the parish priest in Popoli was most interesting. The restaurant in Popoli was great. My son and I are still talking about the tiramisu we ate there. You have a wealth of knowledge about the region and the historical and more recent political aspects of Italy. The visit to the museum in Pescara was a good idea as it really gave me an understanding of the Abruzzo region.
Thanks so much!

May 2005
Steve Rawlins