Pictures from our Abruzzo Tours
     By courtesy of our travelers, following you can read just a few of the many thank-you notes they sent after tours with us, since we started in the year 2000. To all of of our friends, our warm thoughts always go, and... can't wait to meet you again!

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Eric and Tina     Some accolades of praise for the outstanding food & wine, the tour arrangements, your Driver and outstanding Tour Guide. I have traveled all over the world and I must say that I have never been taken care of as well as Abruzzo Tours. The knowledge Chiara has of the food, culture, history and art is unparalleled. You have a diamond of a tour guide with Chiara who has a great personality and wonderful sense of humor which made the tour that much more fun. We all love her. Your driver, Daniel, is a true professional and takes pride in the cleanliness and condition of his vehicles. He too, has a great sense of humor and had us all laughing during the tour.
     Your selection of the sites and restaurants we visited was excellent and the entire group could not say enough about the fine wine and food we experienced. We all will be talking about this wonderful tour for years to come. I will be forwarding you a CD of pictures which you are welcome to use for promotional purposes if you wish. The group of people that comprised this year’s October Food & Wine tasting tour was very compatible and fun loving. It’s a shame that you were not there for the fun and festivities that occurred in the evenings. We all had a ball. I’m sure that Chiara will tell you about our parties.
     Best Regards,

October 2008
Tina & Eric
Clifton Park, NY, U.S.A.

Theresa and Wayne     We saw the sun rise on the Adriatic Sea from our hotel room. We saw the sunset on the Appennini Mountains from the same balcony. Cappuccino at breakfast was followed by Pavarotti or traditional Abrussese music on the bus while we gazed at grape vineyards for as far as the eye could see, or the mountains lightly sprinkled with a new snow or striking views of the Adriatic. Then a little pasta, a little wine, lunches that lasted three hours and then a tour. Each day we learned about and witnessed Abruzzo....the cheese, the wine, the olive oil, the lace, the ceramics, the iron, the churches, the people, the ancient villages, the traditions...It was outstanding. The food, the accommodations, the people.....all superb. And then there was a day that we could individually explore our roots, our ancestors, our heritage with local guides and interpreters.
     It was awesome! With my heart happy, my soul renewed, and my body refreshed, I can say that it was truly a trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much.
     Tanti baci,

October 2008
Theresa and Wayne Kelly
Bath, PA, U.S.A.
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     It was a great trip. Abruzzo is a great place in a beautiful setting. We visited a few of the top casinos and local wine bars, where everyone was very kind to us.

July 2008
Larchmont NY, U.S.A.
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     Words cannot capture how wonderful this tour was. My daughter and I enjoyed everything about the trip. The scenery was spectacular. We came away with a wonderful knowledge of the area and all the sights we saw thanks to Chiara who is so informative and willing to share her passion with everyone. We were greeted with such warmth at the places we visited - the sheep farm, the winery, the olive oil factory, the ceramic studio - everyone was so friendly.
     The food was beyond any expectation and everywhere we went we felt like family. Everything was so delicious, the pastas (all homemade), the seafood fresh from the sea, the food seemed endless along with the wine. Visiting the small villages was something you could only enjoy on such a personalized tour. Our tour leader does a spectacular job in planning the tours and follows through to the end to make sure that all of the details are taken care of.
     We look forward to our next trip knowing we will not be disappointed. To Chiara, Lucio and Daniele grazie mille!

July 2008
Janet and Jennifer
Larchmont NY, U.S.A.
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     The Food and Wine was our second tour with Abruzzo Tours and by far the most enjoyable. The added activities such as the cheese factory, the olive oil factory, the ceramics school and the museum of the Abruzzi people were especially interesting. Chiara is a very informed, friendly and personable guide with very good English skills.
     The food and lodging were, as always, wonderful. We especially enjoyed the personal tour of ancient Rome and the stay at the Hotel on the last day of the tour. Abruzzo Tours has really helped us understand and connect with our Italian Heritage. We heartily recommend this tour for those who want something different. The area is gorgeous.

June 2008
Robert and Sandy Tessitore
Arroyo Grande, California, U.S.A.
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     I want to take the time to thank you for a wonderful vacation. Since this is the second year we were taking the tour, I was a little worried that we would be somewhat bored seeing the same things again. I shouldn't have been concerned. We saw so many different sights and experienced so many new things, I feel as though we could take this trip each year and still be pleasantly surprised. As usual the group was small and the people warm and cordial. We met as strangers, and went home as friends. The food was delicious, the wine excellent and most importantly, the gelato was heavenly! It's amazing the things I learned. For example, I never knew I could consume as much pasta as I did, or as much wine,and yet, still be able to stand and walk.
     Lidia was a great host and her bless her mom, she still makes the best home made pasta. You can't leave there hungry. The winery in Vittorito was a delight. The town very quaint, the tour informative and most importantly the wine and snacks were the best!! We thoroughly enjoyed the trip to the Gran Sasso and Castel Del Monte. Giacomo was extremely knowledgeable and fun. We learned the art of cheese making, all the way from the sheep to the table.( and the cheese was great). Santo Stefano was a treat for the eyes.( especially the model we watched filming a commercial - we would have bought anything he sold!!) The town was so picturesque, nestled high in the mountains. And again, surprize, the food was wonderful. I don't think it's possible to get a bad meal at any of the places we visited.
     Bravo to you and to Chiara, Lucio, Daniele and Leonardo who all worked hard to see that we enjoyed every moment in Abruzzo. Grazie Tante !!

June 2008
Nick Ascenzo, Myrna Augenbaum
Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, U.S.A.
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     I have nothing but good things to say about your tour! My mother and I had a very enjoyable time and felt well cared for. I strongly felt that you were sincerely interested in everyone's comfort and enjoyment. All phases of the trip were well-organized, and Chiara was a treasure as a guide.
     I have to say that I did not have high expectations for the food, as I have been on other tours where the tourists are shunted into sub-standard restaurants, obviously to save money for the tour operator. Nothing could be farther from the truth for your tour; the food was excellent and plentiful. From the first wine tasting with snacks to the last seafood meal, everything was delicious.
     Thanks for everything!

June 2008
London, Ontario, Canada

     Dear Staff:
     Thank you for a delightful 2-1/2 days with your company touring Abruzzo area. We especially enjoyed our day visiting Goriano Valli and with your help were able to locate a distant relative and spend a few hours with them enjoying caffe and discussing our roots.
     We would not have accomplished th! is without your help. Also your choice of restaurants were fabulous. Leonardo was an excellent driver and Chiara charming and informative. Again thank you for making our day with our new found relatives a complete success.

May 2008
Loretta Becherucci
Apple Valley, Ca, USA
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     Just wanted to let you know that Pam and I arrived home safely on Friday evening.
     We had a wonderful time in Abruzzo. Please thank Leonardo and Chiara for making our visit so pleasant. Our rental car tour of Umbria was uneventful and we saw beautiful scenery, and towns, especially Assissi and Spolleto. Your directions to the airport and our hotel were very helpful.
     Again thank you for making our trip to Italy a success. Sincerely,

May 2008
Keith and Pam
South Carolina, U.S.A.