Abruzzo Tours


     Since 1997, Abruzzo World Club has worked in the tourism and genealogy fields. We offer a wide range of services to those interested in discovering, or rediscovering, an unspoiled Italy, with our main focus on Abruzzo and the surrounding regions.
Thanks to our services, many of our North American, Australian, and South American clients have been able to find out about their Italian heritage, to walk the narrow, stone-paved streets walked by their grandparents, to hear the toll of the bells that called them home, and more... So many have met and lingered over meals with long-lost relatives where we assisted as interpreters, that our logbook includes almost more reunions than we can count.
     But Abruzzo and Central Italy offer much more than genealogy. You will discover ancient traditions, unspoiled natural beauty, amazing artisanship and unparalleled artistic treasures that offer a rare chance to experience an undiscovered Italy far away from the over-touristed beaten paths...an Italy of local festivals, real people, warm welcomes and genuine cuisine. Our tours are intimately sized, affording our visitors personalized and friendly service. It is a pleasure and a privilege to introduce you to Abruzzo's unique and vibrant culture. We are sure that, like us, you too will fall in love with this region.
     For seven years now Abruzzo World Club has organized escorted tours of Abruzzo - including favorite destinations in nearby regions as Rome, Pompei, Assisi - in order to show visitors the most beautiful spots, let them taste the home-made food and great wines made with the rich grapes growing under the Adriatic sun, introduce them to the heritage and culture of a region that was rich in civilization well before the Romans.